GlitterKit Standard


GlitterKit Standard
Complete Kit, includes:
- Glitter, SQUARE - 4,0 x 4,0mm
- Liquid
- Cleaning Fluid

Liquid Color
Kit Size

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There are 11 Liquid colors available, which can also be combined with several filter colors (available in the shop).
The filter color has to be applied at the bottom of the bottle.

⚠️ The amount of Liquid is attuned to the amount of glitter required.
The kits are not meant to be used for multiple bottles, each kit is meant to be used for a singular bottle, according to it's volume.
750 ml ≙ 0,75 L ≙ ≈25 oz
1500 ml ≙ 1,5 L ≙ ≈52 oz
4250 ml ≙ 4,25 L ≙ ≈144 oz
6500 ml ≙ 6,5 L ≙ ≈220 oz
8500 ml ≙ 8,5 L ≙ ≈287 oz
20000 ml ≙ 20 L ≙ ≈676 oz
GlitterKit Standard was our first formula and is best suited for cylindrical-shaped bottles and high wattage bulbs.
For non-cylindrical bottles or lamps (with less wattage), we recommend GlitterKit Fast.
In return, GlitterKit Standard offers incredibly brilliant color reproduction and a "vintage flow".

- Liquid in a Plastic bottle / can
- Cleaning Fluid for the final cleaning, right before filling the bottle with the Liquid
- Glitter in a test tube for easy filling