GOOLAMP CandleGlow P1 Goo Tea light lamp


Wireless, mobile and economical - that's the GOOLAMP Goo Tea light lamp.

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Wireless, mobile and economical - that's the GOOLAMP Goo Tea light lamp.
The movement of the Goo is done by a tea light, no electricity is required, so you can enjoy the lamp fully - even in the garden or on the terrace!
The Lamp was designed by us with great attention to detail - Handmade in Germany!
The GOOLAMP P1 is characterized by flawless reflective surfaces, which can be found on the entire lamp.
In addition, there is a large selection of 12 colors. Also see our YouTube-Video with all colors.

Our new Goo formula embodies nearly 10 years of development with the aim of creating something entirely new.

The result is a revolutionary, newly designed formula that prioritizes the well-being of both human health and the environment.
Our Goo is FREE from concerning chlorinated substances, allowing for a safe and worry-free usage.
Additionally, our formula offers a transparent Goo appearance that is captivating.

Our Goo formula is completely liquid, even in cold conditions, which allowed us to address the main criticisms of other products:
- The bottle starts faster than a non-liquid alternative
- Thanks to our clever "After-Shipping Filling" method, there is no more clouding due to the shipping process
- The bottle does not need to be disposed of at the end of its lifespan; instead, it can be easily refilled with one of our kits

Learn how to fill the bottle by watching our YouTube video or reading the PDF-Guide linked in this product description.

Please note that filled Goo bottles are no longer shippable due to the liquid formula.


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