Multicolor Color Filter Sticker


Heat resistant Multicolor color filter sticker for bottle bottom

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Heat resistant Multicolor color filter sticker for bottle bottom

The color filter is meant to be sticked right below the bottle. You can reach a lot of different colorful effects.
They can not be sticked on Lightbulbs or color wheels.
For dark environments it is possible to entirely colorize the transparent Glitter bottles.
As they are "stickers", you can remove them, which is not so easy to do with a permanent paint.
Totally removeable without any damage to your bottle.

⚠️IMPORTANT: Depending on the surface of the bottom of the bottle, it is important to blow-dry
the filter onto the glass with a heat gun. Pay particular attention to the middle.
If the surface, where you want to apply the filter, has any stamps, bumps or cavity it NEEDS
to be blow-dried in such a way that no air remains between the filter and the glass.
If necessary pierce a small hole (with a scalpel/knife/sewing needle)
to remove any air so that the filter is firmly attached to the glass.
Video for Installation: Video
Heat resistance:
- do NOT use halogen spotlights
- up to 75W R80 reflector spot for bottles with stamps/bumps
- up to 100W for bottles with a smooth/flat bottom
- only suitable for GOOLAMP lamps


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