Lunar Baby 3D Print Glitter-Lamp


Lunar Baby 3D Print Glitter-Lamp - Height: 47cm

Lamp Color
Production time currently min. 4 weeks!

Lunar baby lamp, created by professional 3D printing from high quality plastic. Height: 47cm.
IMPORTANT: This is a small series in 3D printing, accordingly the surface has a typical 3D printing structure and small defects cannot be excluded. See detailed photos.

Different materials are available, e.g. Colors with a metallic look and of course also standard colors.
The bottles are filled with "GlitterKit Fast" and illuminated with only one 7-8W GU10 LED bulb. The flow corresponds to the LED lighting
rather the speed of our normal GlitterKit.

Demand is currently very high: production time, approx. 1 week.

Special Notice for the Color "Glow In The Dark":
The material is UV-Active, it will glow with exposure from a UV-Light source.
To achieve the best "Glow In The Dark" effect, the material is charged via UV-Light beforehand.
The after glow effect is relatively short-lived with around 2 minutes.
Optionally, the Lamp can be delivered with a regular LED or a special UV-LED.

Type-C plug (Euro plug), 230V.

Osram LED EEK A + (A ++ - E) GU10 reflector 7.2W = 80W warm white (Ø x L) 51mm x 55mm dimmable 1pc. , EEK: A +

Energy efficiency class


Energy consumption

8 kWh/1000h

Ø Electricity costs per year (0,3 €/kWh)*

2,4 Euro


 *Ø Federal Statistical Office electricity price (as of 2nd half of 2018)


Data sheet

230V 50-60Hz 8W GU10 LED