Glitter Bottle suitable for FF R1


Glitter bottle suitable for FF R1. Pre-filled and ready!

Masterfluid Color

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Glitter bottle suitable for FF R1. Pre-filled and ready!

There are 12 amazing "Light" Masterfluid colors available, that are specially designed for the low light emission.

The heating period is very short. After just a few minutes, the glitter will start to rise.

As with wax filled bottles the position might have to be changed to make sure everything works accordingly. The type of tea light might also influence whether it works well or not. And the length is also a factor that decides if the flow is perfect or not.
Our tests have proven that the flow of the glitter only works well in the R1 lamp.
Using this bottle in the O1 lamp is not recommended!

The Base and Cap are not included.

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Data sheet

Bottle content
Packaging unit
Filling quantity
250 ml
Base and Cap not included!